Posted by: kurtsh | October 24, 2012

HOWTO: Print from the Windows 8 Reader app

In case there’s anyone else out there using Windows 8 & trying to print documents, like Acrobat PDFs that are rendered in the Reader app in Windows 8… and finding it difficult to figure out how to do so, the quick answer is:

  • YES, the Windows 8 Reader application can ‘print’
  • The quick way to do so is to hit CTRL+P
    You’ll get a menu that appears from the right that allows you to select a printer.
  • After selecting a printer you’ll be provided with the typical printer options. (See below)



Alternatively, if you open the Charms Bar on the right and select the DEVICES icon, you can select a device (a printer) to send the document to… which will print it. (See below)





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