Posted by: kurtsh | October 20, 2012

HOWTO: Use Windows 8… as told by a 3-year-old

Here’s an video of a 3-year-old child who will help walk you through the Windows 8 user interface step-by-step:

A 3 year old walks us through Windows 8

In this tutorial, he’ll show you:

  • how to get to the “START screen” 
    (not the “START menu” which he will make clear to you)
  • how to run programs that are installed on Windows 8
  • how to pin applications to the side so that 2 applications may be viewed at the same time on the display
  • how to make applications go full screen
  • how to switch to other running applications
  • how to select & close applications that are running
  • how to close the running foreground application
  • how to get back to the desktop

Yeah.  3 years old.


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