Posted by: kurtsh | October 16, 2012

NEWS: Microsoft Reaches Agreement to Acquire StorSimple

Wow. Are you interested in archiving your last tier storage to the cloud and saving a TON of budget on archival costs?  Y’all just got yourself a REALLY inexpensive solution.

imageREDMOND, Wash., and MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Oct. 16, 2012 — Microsoft Corp. and StorSimple Inc. today announced that Microsoft has reached a definitive agreement to acquire StorSimple, a leader in Cloud-integrated Storage (CiS) solutions. The addition of CiS will advance Microsoft’s Cloud OS vision and help customers more efficiently embrace hybrid cloud computing.

“Customers faced with explosive growth in data are looking to the cloud to help them store, manage and archive that data. But, to be effective, cloud storage needs to integrate with IT’s current investments,” said Michael Park, corporate vice president, Server and Tools Division for Microsoft. “StorSimple’s approach helps customers seamlessly integrate on-premises storage with cloud storage through intelligent automation and management.”


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