Posted by: kurtsh | October 14, 2012

NEWS: Xbox Music. Music streaming. For free.

…with unlimited skipping.  That’s right.  No limits on skipping.  Unlike Pandora.

All Windows 8 & Windows RT devices will get Xbox Music, which will provide unlimited music streaming at NO CHARGE from a catalog of 30,000,000 songs and 70,000 music videos.

Artist-based radio is called “SmartDJ” on Xbox Music and allows you to listen to a specific artist and other “like-artists” that are available, and again:  You can skip any song you don’t like an unlimited number of times.

Xbox Music provides a list of all your music, all previously streamed or downloaded music, all your playlists, and all purchases in a single location.

If you’d like to be able add songs to your own custom playlists and have the playlists automatically synced and accessible across your Tablet, Phone, PC, and Xbox 360, for easy access.

Here’s the announcement, and the online video: 

Xbox Music: Coming to Windows 8 & Windows RT devices FOR FREE


There’s a very good write up from Dean Takahashi here at Venture Beat as well:


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