Posted by: kurtsh | October 10, 2012

INFO: Roaming layout for applications in Windows 8

StartPageIf you’re like most Windows 8 users, you’ve gone hog wild on all the new MX-style apps that are available and reorganized them on the START page.  You’ve spent time moving tiles around, shrinking some, enlarging others, putting them into groups, etc.

If you’re like most computer users however, you’ve also got more than one PC.  So the question arises:

Q: How can I sync my START PAGE LAYOUT across all my Windows 8 PCs?

It turns out that your layout is stored here:

Basically, here’s the steps that are required:

  1. Install all your apps
  2. Overwrite the file “appsFolder.itemdata-ms”
  3. Logout / log back in

Yes, yes.  Layout synchronization has been requested as a feature request.


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