Posted by: kurtsh | October 6, 2012

HOWTO: Open the Lync Web client if you have Lync 2010 installed

imageLync 2010 is awesome.  It’s fast, convenient, federates with other Lync-companies for secure messaging, and integrates with everything in the Office suite.

One thing that presenters often want however is the ability to see what their “Audience’s view” is like end-to-end. 

Assuming that your IT infrastructure supports it in it’s Lync implementation, add the following characters to the end of any Lync URL to get the option of accessing the meeting via the web:


So if you have the following Lync conference URL, which connects you to your conference call through the installed Lync client:

to get the Web Client, the URL should become:

The resulting experience is a Silverlight client “over the web”. (See below)  The client below is just a web browser with Silverlight components displaying the participants list, the instant messaging window, attachment controls, any sharing being done on the stage, and most other functions from the traditional Lync client.



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