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INFO: The new “Anti-Malware Protection” feature of Exchange Server 2013

imageWith Forefront Protection for Exchange being discontinued, (Reminder: Existing implementations will continue to function & be supported) all eyes are on the upcoming replacement technology coming in 2013 called “Anti-Malware Protection for Exchange Server 2013”.

There are several anti-malware protection options in Exchange Server 2013 Preview:

  • Built-in anti-malware protection in Exchange Server 2013 Preview You can use the built-in Exchange on-premises anti-malware protection feature in order to help you combat malware. For more information, see Configure the Default Anti-Malware Policy.
  • Exchange Online Protection You can elect to purchase the Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP) hosted email filtering service. EOP leverages partnerships with several best of breed anti-malware engines, thereby providing efficient, cost effective, multi-layered anti-malware protection.

    NOTE: The EOP standalone offering is not currently available, but will be in a future milestone. However, the EOP anti-malware protection features are included in the Exchange Online Preview offering. For more information, see Anti-Malware Protection.

  • File-level anti-malware scanning You can use file-level anti-malware programs in the Windows operating system on computers running Exchange servers in order to help further enhance the security and health of your Exchange organization. When doing so, there are important considerations for how to best implement file-level scanning with either EOP or the Exchange Server 2013 Preview built-in anti-malware features. For more information, see File-Level Anti-Malware Scanning on Exchange Servers.
  • Third-party anti-malware protection You can also use a third-party anti-malware protection program if you feel that best suits your anti-malware protection needs.

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