Posted by: kurtsh | September 25, 2012

INFO: Where is System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012?

A customer asked me yesterday, “Where is System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012”?  I see the previous versions like 2008 R2, but I can’t seem to find the 2012 version and I thought it was released?

As of System Center 2012, Virtual Machine Manager & the other System Center family of server management products are only sold as a single suite.  The suite is sold per processor comes in 2 editions:  Standard & Datacenter.  The difference is that Standard is targeted at physical servers and licensable for 2 instances, while Datacenter is licensed for Virtualization Hosts (such as Hyper-V of VMware) that require management of Server OSs running as hosted virtual machines.

In other words:

  • If you need to manage a physical server without virtualization, you’ll probably want System Center 2012 Standard Edition
    …this is the most cost-effective way to manage that one server while providing redundancy.
  • If you need to manage host server that has multiple guest servers running on it (like a Hyper-V Server or a VMWare ESX host) then you’ll probably want System Center 2012 Datacenter Edition.
    …this is the most cost-effective way to manage the host server OS (if using Windows Server) as well as ALL the virtual machines running server on the host.

If you want to get SCVMM2012, you’ll need to go to the download for System Center 2012 Datacenter or Standard in the Volume Licensing Service Center.  (Assuming of course you have access to the Volume Licensing downloads for your organization) 

Once you click download, you’ll be asked if you want to use the Download Manager or HTTP.  Once you click OK, a full display of all the downloads for System Center 2012 will be available.  See below:




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