Posted by: kurtsh | September 16, 2012

DOWNLOAD: Alps TouchPad driver for Windows 8 (for Lenovo G360)

Lenovo just published a driver for the Alps TouchPad that they have on some models.  I’ve been on a quest to find Windows 8 TouchPad drivers for all my laptops that have been upgraded to Windows 8 for one big reason:

I want Edge Swiping. 

Edge Swiping is a function that needs to be built into the driver & its control software.  It allow the Windows 8 user to use their finger to ‘swipe left’ from the right edge, to reveal the Windows 8 Charms bar.  Functions that Edge Swiping provides include:

  1. Edge Swipe LEFT – “Reveal Windows 8 Charms bar”
  2. Edge Swipe RIGHT – “Change foreground task in Windows 8””
  3. Edge Swipe UP – “Reveal Windows 8 Configuration bar”

This is very specific to Windows 8 and does NOT WORK with previous Windows 7 drivers.

I have not tested this driver since I don’t actually have an Alps TouchPad on my Lenovo hardware but it’s clearly published very specifically for Windows 8.  I figured I’d post it just in case someone found this interesting.  The file’s 16MB in size.


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