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HOWTO: Enroll/Activate/Use your Software Assurance Benefits

imageMany of you have Software Assurance benefits.  Some of you even know what they are!

The question that is asked often is,

“So how do I use these benefits?  Is there a set of instructions for each benefit on how to use them, step-by-step?”

Answer:  YES.

It’s called the Software Assurance Customer QuickStart Guide and it’s an extremely valuable 15 page overview that provides STEP-BY-STEP instructions on how to activate, manage, and use each of the benefits that you have as a result of your volume licensing contract with Microsoft.

Here’s the table of contents:

    • Familiarize yourself with Software Assurance
    • Check your benefits through the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC)
    • Tips for choosing Software Assurance Managers
    • Steps to register Software Assurance Managers
        • How to register
    • Follow steps for specific benefits
    • New Products.
        • New Product Versions
        • Step-up Licensing
        • Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP)
        • Windows 7 Enterprise
    • Deployment
        • Planning Services
        • License Mobility through Software Assurance
        • Windows Thin PC
        • Windows Virtual Desktop Access
        • Office Roaming Use Rights
        • TechNet benefits through Software Assurance
        • Microsoft Office Multi-Language Pack
    • Support
        • 24X7 Problem Resolution Support
        • System Center Advisor
        • Extended Hotfix support
    • Training
        • E-Learning
        • Home Use Program (HUP)
        • Training Vouchers
    • Specialized Benefits
        • Cold Backups for Disaster Recovery
        • Enterprise Source Licensing Progra
        • Spread Payments
    • Getting Help for VLSC

Download the paper here – and keep it handy!

Additionally, there is an UPDATED CHART of all the Software Assurance benefits that you may be eligible for.

imageThe chart is actually ‘interactive’ in that when you hover over it using Acrobat, you will see a brief description of the benefit.

It should be noted that none of this is useful if you don’t have actual permissions to manage your company’s Software Assurance benefits.  The “Microsoft Volume Licensing Administrator” for your Volume Licensing Contract can designate you (and others) to be “Software Assurance Benefits Admins” which will empower you to use, distribute, and delegate benefits for your company. 

This “Volume Licensing Administrator” is often the person that negotiated the contract in procurement, but lacking that, if you know your Large Account Reseller contact – the reseller responsible for the caretaking of your agreement with Microsoft (Insight, Softchoice, Dell Licensing/ASAP, Enpointe, SHI, etc.) – can provide you with the appropriate rights assuming they are given the go-ahead to do so by the VL Administrator.

The process for doing this is located here:


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