Posted by: kurtsh | August 21, 2012

NEWS: The biggest Windows 8 display I’ve ever seen indoors

UPDATE 10/6/12:
And it’s installed.  What’s amazing is that I guess this could really be as big as anyone wants to it be.  I don’t have a wall big enough for something like this.  V__5AD0

Anyone want a really HUGE display?


The photo doesn’t do this justice:  These are massive 60+” panels in a 3×2 configuration presenting a gargantuan single HDMI display.  What you’re looking at is something called the Casgan PiXelWall:  A multiscreen high definition series of displays with ultrathin bezels that combine to form a highly configurable wall monitor.

They’re deployed anywhere from showrooms, to Entertainment industry theatres, to command & control centers for Enterprise companies, to the home theatres of the rich & famous.

As you can see, the configuration above is a configuration being put together for a client of a friend that works at Casgan.  The first thing they through up on the PiXelWall was a 6 display configuration showcasing a single monitor view of a Windows 8 display.  Looks pretty sexy, ‘eh?


As mentioned earlier, the displays are configurable on the fly so you can have one display configured for say watching a live feed – like TV – and another for computer stats – and yet another for… recreational usage, as evidenced above.


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