Posted by: kurtsh | August 20, 2012

INFO: “Client Hyper-V” for Windows 8

imageWindows 8’s Client Hyper-V is real, and it’s spectacular.  Forgive my enthusiasm but this is the desktop virtualization technology you’ve been waiting for on the desktop: A true type-1 client hypervisor, with all the power of Microsoft’s best virtualization technology… right up against the metal.

That means all the ‘against-the-metal’ speed & ‘x64’ power of the BEST server virtualization technology at your workstation without loading Windows Server on your machine as your base OS… and you still get to use it on any current generation x64 processor and have the richness of the Windows hardware/driver ecosystem!


  1. Open Windows 8 CtrlPanel
  2. Go to Programs&Features & click Turn Windows Features On or Off
  3. Check "Hyper-V" (and the tools)
  4. Reboot… and you’re done.

You’ll notice Hyper-V Manager & Hyper-V Virtual Machine Connection client appear on the Start page, so if you’re used to Windows Server’s Hyper-V, you’re gonna be in familiar territory.  In the meantime, here’s some references that you’ll need once you’ve got things going:


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