Posted by: kurtsh | August 16, 2012

RELEASE: Windows 8 RTM posts to both Volume Licensing Service Center & TechNet/MSDN

Yesterday, most people noticed that TechNet & MSDN subscribers were able to download the RTM release of Windows 8 :

(Note: I believe TechNet Standard subscriptions were provided with Windows 8 (x86/x64) “Retail” media & a single Windows 8 Pro key; TechNet Professional subscriptions were provided both Windows 8 Retail Media and Windows 8 Enterprise Volume Licensing Media for business testing.)


Microsoft TechNet subscriber’s download area now lists Windows 8 (x64/x86)
(and Windows 8 Enterprise (x64/x86) for Pro Subscribers)

imageToday, Volume Licensing customers with Software Assurance discovered that the Volume Licensing media for Windows 8 Enterprise RTM is now available at:

This is the version that is Enterprise clone-able/deployable using centrally managed activation keys and Enterprise activation services/techniques such as KMS or MAK. 

Please keep in mind that Windows 8 Enterprise is again available only to Software Assurance volume licensing customers, and as such, is not listed under the “WINDOWS” category in the Download section of the VLSC but under “SOFTWARE ASSURANCE” category.


Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center download area now lists Windows 8 Enterprise under “Software Assurance”


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