Posted by: kurtsh | August 15, 2012

NEWS: A quick recap of Acer’s comments about Windows 8 & the media’s response

imageIn case you’ve been reading Acer’s comments as published by the media about Surface, I thought I’d couch some of those articles with some opinions on the topic from other sources.

A week ago, there was a somewhat ominous open communication to Microsoft from Acer Chairman, JT Wang, called by the media as “his warning to Microsoft”.

“Wang noted that Microsoft is currently looking for solutions such as creating a price gap to minimize the negative impact on other vendors’ product lineups, and he believes if Microsoft launches Surface at a price of US$199, it would have a rather significant impact, but if it is priced at around US$499-599, the effects will be a lot smaller.”

Then JT Wang backed off his original statement’s harshness but still reiterated the “danger” of Surface to “the ecosystem” in this article:

“Microsoft, he said, was now considering possible differentiation strategies to minimize any possible impact on OEM partners, including introducing an artificial price gap. Still, it sound like Acer’s expectations of Surface are somewhat skewed in the first place; Wang supposedly claimed that the major damage would be done if Microsoft priced the entry-level tablet at $199 – thus directly competing with the Nexus 7, a figure which would be very unlikely. If Surface was $499-599, however, Wang sees less of an issue.”

On the other hand, a good chunk of the media weighed in with their take on Acer’s comments & Surface overall:

It should be noted that the OEMs that have signed up to do Windows RT devices – all I would suspect will be competitive with Surface RT – are Dell, Samsung, Asus, and Lenovo.

“Following sharp comments from Acer’s JT Wang surrounding Microsoft’s decision to compete with vital OEM partners in the tablet space, Mike Angiulo — the vice president of Microsoft’s Ecosystem and Planning team — has stepped to the plate with a resounding "thank you" to those very associates. Aside from praising those who will be helping to make Windows RT more than a passing fad, the company affirmed that ASUS, Dell, Samsung and Lenovo will all be shipping ARM-based products with the aforementioned operating system onboard.”

I found this summary to be succinct:


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