Posted by: kurtsh | August 14, 2012

NEWS: Asus Tablet 600 – one of the 1st Windows RT devices

imageInteresting.  I totally missed this.

Apparently, Asus has published the specs and photos of their planned Asus Tablet 600, one of the first Windows RT devices on the market.  I have to guess that they’ll release theirs roughly the same time as models from Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, and Microsoft Surface RT get released.

Well, since they’ve published their specs, I guess a bunch of these elements aren’t hush hush, so here we go – straight from their Computex 2012 announcement web page:

  • 10.1" panel with Super IPS+ technology for superior visuals
  • Unique battery-boosting mobile dock that features a keyboard, touchpad and USB port for increased productivity
  • NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 4-Plus-1™ Quad-core CPU with 12-core GPU for low power consumption and high performance
  • 8MP rear camera for crystal clear photos and videos
  • Superior audio experience with ASUS SonicMaster technology
  • Built-in NFC sensor to easily communicate with other NFC-enabled devices

Did you catch that? 
QUAD code CPU.  12-core GPU.  8MP.  NFC.  Battery boosting mobile dock.


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