Posted by: kurtsh | August 9, 2012

NEWS: Microsoft Windows Server 2012 releases to manufacturing

imageGreat news!  Along with the announcement about Windows 8’s release to manufacturing, Windows Server 2012 was released to manufacturing and is being made available to OEM PC manufacturer’s per the Windows Server blog off of

Net-net:  We’re done and it’s the most significant jump in technology Windows Server has ever had, above even the jump to Active Directory.  The availability of the release software to should follow the schedule similar to Windows 8… in other words within a week or so. 

The overall goals for this release were to provide:

  • A comprehensive cloud platform
  • Cost savings & increased efficiencies
  • Support for a modern work style

Advanced capabilities of the new product include:

  • Virtualization including Network Virtualization, Shared-nothing Live Migration, Hyper-V Replicas, Virtual Fiber Channel,
  • Storage
  • Web & Application Platform
  • Networking
  • Management & Automation
  • VDI
  • Identity & Access

More information is available here:


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