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COMMENTARY: A word about the importance of ‘creation’ versus ‘consumption’ & personal empowerment

imageJoel Runyon, the guy behind the inspiring “Blog of Impossible Things”, wrote an epic post about an encounter he had with an older gentleman in his 80’s that may not sound like it has any relevance to the field of technology but does an excellent job of highlighting the important difference between ‘creation’ and ‘consumption’ while highlighting the importance of self-empowerment.

If you know how these words are commonly used in ‘client technology’ circles, you will find this blog post very relevant.  If you don’t, this should be an education for you about the direction client computing is headed in.

An Unexpected Ass Kicking
Added Aug 2, 2012
By Joel Runyon

I sat down at yet-another coffee shop in Portland determined to get some work done, catch up on some emails and write another blog post.

About 30 minutes into my working, an elderly gentleman at least 80 years old sat down next to me with a hot coffee and a pastry. I smiled at him and nodded and looked back at my computer as I continued to work.

“Do you like Apple? As he gestured to the new Macbook Air I had picked up a few days prior.

“Yea, I’ve been using them for a while.” Wondering if I was going to get suckered into a mac vs. pc debate in a portland coffee shop with an elderly stranger.

“Do you program on them?

“Well, I don’t really know how to code, but I write quite a bit and spend a lot of time creating online projects and helping clients run their businesses.”

Trust me:  This gets really interesting, especially once you discover who this gentleman is.  If the opening excerpt of Joel’s post caught your attention, you should read the whole post here:


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