Posted by: kurtsh | May 22, 2012

INFO: “Managing "BYO" PCs in the enterprise (including WOA)”

About a month ago, our President of Windows, Steven Sinofsky, posted a blog entry that went over how Microsoft is focused on improving our support for the consumerization of IT for our Enterprise customers.  This includes Enterprise Application publishing, establishing a Enterprise application self-service portal, centralized management technologies including System Center, policy management for security & protection, etc.

I’ve noticed that no one I know has read this post so I thought I’d bring attention to it by reposting the intro here on my blog:

imageWith more and more people providing their own hardware for work, the "bring your own" PC is becoming more commonplace and IT Pros want to have the confidence that they can support their clients who follow this trend. The presence of BYO does not change the need for IT Pros to manage, secure, and remain accountable for the network assets of an organization, and we all know that written policies can only go so far.

This post focuses on managing WOA PCs, which are designed with this "consumerization of IT" in mind. PCs of all form factors built on x86/64 architecture have the full complement of management tools available to them, especially those supported by third-party code running on the system. Since WOA PCs only support third-party code through the Windows Store and WinRT-based applications, we set out to develop industry-leading management capabilities that support BYO or company-deployed WOA PCs. This post was authored by Jeffrey Sutherland, a program manager lead in our Management Systems group.


POST: Managing "BYO" PCs in the enterprise (including WOA)


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