Posted by: kurtsh | May 19, 2012

NEWS: Windows Phone marketshare reportedly overtakes the iPhone in China

imageSince being launched 2 months ago, Windows Phone has grown to 7% marketshare, overtaking iPhone which sits at 6%.  Yes, you read that correctly.  And this was accomplished with the release of the Nokia Lumia 800c, the Chinese CDMA version of last year’s smaller, less advanced model of the Lumia line which lacked 4G LTE capability:

The bigger news is that Nokia’s flagship device, the Nokia Lumia 900, has been approved by China Telecom & the State Radio Regulation Committee and is set to be released for purchase in June 2012, just on the heels of the Lumia 800c’s incredible success:

The Nokia Lumia 900 is, for those unaware, the ‘showcase’ design that is taking the United States by storm through AT&T, effectively DOUBLING Windows Phone US Marketshare in it’s 2 months of existence from 1.8% to 3.6%.

For those looking at worldwide markets, this news follows the recent revelation that Windows Phone is outselling iPhone in Russia, with Nokia doing an effective job making the Lumia series the phone of choice for Symbian owners moving into the smartphone market.

[photo taken by WPCentral, Daniel Rubino’s awesome Windows Phone web site, a member of Mobile Nations]


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