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WHITEPAPER: TechNet Magazine–January 2012

imageThe January edition of TechNet magazine was posted.  As usual, there’s a series of great technical articles on a wide range of topics related to Microsoft technologies.  Here’s the January topics list:

  • Editor’s Note: In with the New by Lafe Low
  • Cloud Computing: The First Trip to the Cloud by Dan Griffin and Tom Jones
  • SQL Server: Support the SQL Server Community by Brad McGehee
  • IT Management: The Petabyte Era by Romi Mahajan
  • Windows Server 2008 R2: Optimize the Branch Office Experience by Brien M. Posey
  • Virtualization: Optimizing Hyper-V Memory Usage by Brian M. Posey
  • Windows Server 2008 R2: Why Use Network Level Authentication? By Kristin Griffin
  • SQL Server: Transaction Management by Glenn Berry, Louis Davidson and Tim Ford
  • Cloud Computing: Risk Assessment for the Cloud by Vic Winkler
  • Windows PowerShell: The Many Ways to a Custom Object by Don Jones
  • Utility Spotlight: Control Multiple PCs by Lance Whitney
  • Toolbox: New Products for IT Professionals by Greg Steen
  • SQL Q&A: Size Does Indeed Matter by Paul S. Randal
  • Windows Confidential: Early Birds and Night Owls by Raymond Chen
  • Geek of all Trades: Manage Office 365 with Windows PowerShell by Greg Shields

ONLINE:  TechNet Magazine: January 2012

DOWNLOAD: TechNet Magazine: January 2012


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