Posted by: kurtsh | February 25, 2012

BETA: PowerShell v3 Technical Guide (CTP2)

For those looking for a jumpstart to the all-new PowerShell v3, (now with a GUI) check out this Wiki we started.

imageThis page is designed to be a starting point for PowerShell V3 knowledge. If adding to this page please create all new wiki’s starting with "Powershell V3".

PowerShell V3 is the latest version of PowerShell. Currently, PowerShell V3 is at an early stage of development with Community Technology Preview 2 being released. CTP1 is included in the developers Preview of Microsoft Windows 8 client and Server and is also available as a download for installation on WIndows 7 and Server 2008 R2 systems.

The Powershell team blogged about CTP2 when it was released

Table of Contents

WIKI: PowerShell v3 Technical Guide


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