Posted by: kurtsh | February 1, 2012

CES 2012: Day 1 Highlights & Lowlights – South 1,2

Here’s a rapid collection of things I saw while at CES 2012 that I thought were noteworthy tech gifts or tools of the trade in South 1, 2 on Day ONE:



A few extra highlights of Vegas…

  • Microsoft at CES: Video of 15 years of keynotes — Exclusive Pogo Remix
  • Hugo’s Cellar. OMG. This is the richest salad I’ve ever had. Sweet onion, Romaine, Roma tomatoes, mushrooms… And the prime rib?  Better than Lawry’s.

Annnnnd finally, a few lowlights for me were:

  • Andre’s @ Monte Carlo.  A fantastic meal.  Truly one of the better meals I’ve had in Vegas.  So why was it a lowlight?  Because they charge a $1 for the owner’s charity without telling its patrons.  I accidentally caught it while reviewing my bill and had to ask about it.  I mean, I tipped the waiter nearly $30:  ONE DOLLAR ain’t going to kill me and I’d absolutely make the contribution, but it’s the principle of not telling patrons about the charge.  This stealth billing garbage is disingenuous & distasteful.  Really soured the meal.
  • Jabbawockeez @ Monte Carlo.  I get how the younger set might like this show – many are into “dance crews” and that’s fine.  I ain’t.  And few people I know are.  If you’re over the age of 30, there’s just no way you’re gonna enjoy this.  It’s a boring, poorly paced story, with uninspired audio, and lackluster production.  The performers themselves are VERY SKILLED – so no knock on them.  But the overall show is 1 hour too long & simply not worth the money.


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