Posted by: kurtsh | January 30, 2012

RELEASE: Microsoft PST Capture Tool for Exchange 2010 and Office 365 released

The PST Capture tool for Exchange 2010 & Office 365 just hit RTW.  The tool is used to discover and import .pst files into Exchange Server or Exchange Online.

Today marks the much anticipated release of the Microsoft Exchange .PST capture tool that allows businesses of all types and sizes to methodically seek out and destroy err, find all the local archive files (AKA .PST files) and then migrate them into the user’s mailbox. This tool works with both Exchange 2010 and Office 365 and helps address the corporate email compliance that personal archives pose inside of an organization. Keeping with the Exchange 2010 theme of large, low-cost mailboxes, pulling a user’s old personal archives back into their mailbox not only brings these emails back into the control of the Exchange Admins, but it also increases user productivity as all of these emails will now be indexed and searchable through both Outlook and Outlook Web App.

PST Capture is used to discover and import Outlook Personal Folder (.pst) File Format files into Exchange Server and Exchange Online. PST Capture helps an organization that wishes to gain more control over their email data repositories by placing them into Exchange. By optionally installing PST Capture Agents on target machines, administrators can determine where .pst files are located and who their file owner is via the PST Capture Console. Administrators can import .pst files via Import Lists to Exchange Server or Exchange Online. Data can be directly imported into the primary mailbox or associated archive mailbox.

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