Posted by: kurtsh | January 18, 2012

INFO: CES 2012 Update for Legal Professionals


Some of you know that I take an annual vacation/pilgrimage to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to keep up with the latest in technological gadgetry.  This year I’ve personally taken quite a few first hand notes and live tweeted my week long stay there.  (My Twitter account is at

imageMore importantly however, if you’re interested in what Law Technology News has to say about CES 2012 this year, they recently posted a summary at the link below that I thought you might be interested in.

A few quick notes about Mr. Doherty’s article:

    I found it surprisingly lacking in discussions about innovative cellular phone accessories which I would tend to believe would be important to many legal professionals, and there were a lot of interesting items on display at the show.  For example, the “Plantronics Voyager Pro Plus” headset has ‘ear detection’ which ensures that audio is routed to the paired headset IF AND ONLY IF the user is wearing it on their ear.  Otherwise, audio still plays back from the handset.
    The show was chock full of mobile VOIP solutions for the ‘professional-on-the-go’ but there’s no mention of this, some of them were really amazing for the user that has multiple voice communications conduits.  For example, the “Jabra SPEAK 410” has audio for the mobile professional that is better quality than any Polycom tripod I’ve ever used.  It sounds great even playing normal MP3 music through it and the footprint is just a little bigger than a mouse.
    This surprised me.  A lot more attention was paid to Ultrabooks at the show than any other topic – and that included the OLED 55” TVs on display, yet there was barely a mention in the article.  The Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook impressive stats for example, can’t be understated.  It outperforms most Dell notebooks with a form factor, battery life, & price less than most machines today.


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