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INFO: Installing System Center Service Manager 2012 Beta

imageAlaa Ajweh has written a very thorough post on how to install System Center Service Manager 2012’s BETA release.

Installing System Center Service Manager 2012 Beta Step by Step

Alright folks, the Service Manager has just been released! its time to give it a shot and see what the ins and outs of the products.

I’ve summarized the installation steps for you so you can use this guide to start right away with your lab (this isn’t intended for production environments, more thorough planning should take place). I suggest that you take a quick look at the release notes for SCSM 2012 here

As for the installation, remember the good old days when you had to patch Server 2008 to get the latest System Center (R2, R3 stuff), but Server 2008 R2 worked out of the box just fine because it’s a lovely modern OS? well, hate to break the news for ya, but those days are gone; you better get your Server 2008 R2 SP1 Server running and START PATCHING! (actually 2 Servers) here is what you need:

  1. Go get Hotfix 2600907 for Server 2008 R2 here (needs a restart)
  2. Get the Authorization Manager hotfix here (included in Server 2008 R2 SP1)
  3. Get the Microsoft Analysis Management Objects (X64) which is required by the
  4. management console so it can work with SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)
  5. Install Microsoft Report Viewer Redistributable Security Update KB971119 (no links?
  6. yes! its in the Prerequisites folder of the SCSM Media, horray!)
  7. Get .NET Framework 4 (for the Self Service Portal if you need it)

Read the entire post at Ajweh’s Blog:


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