Posted by: kurtsh | December 27, 2011

INFO: Why is my default Word document horked? (Template problems)

imageThis is an oldie but it’s worth writing about because it happens to some people quite often.  If you find that when you open Word, that the new document that you start with his horked in some way – the margins are weird, the font is too small, etc. – it probably means that somehow the Default Template got modified. 

Don’t ask how this happens.  It can be when a document you load asserts it’s changes on your default template somehow.  In any case, you pressed “SAVE” accidentally and it saved the changes to your default document template.

This is a file located at: (Windows 7, Word 2010)


The easy solution for most is to simply go to this file, and DELETE IT.  Word 2010 will automatically recognize that it’s gone and recreate the default template.  Remember however that if you made any changes to the default template in the past (added a company logo or something like that) they’ll be gone.


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