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INFO: So you’re going to CES 2012. Now what? (Part 2)

image_thumb[1]A coworker asked me to summarize some things they should look into for their first trip to CES in Las Vegas.

Here’s the continuing thread of stuff I thought of:

Let’s get this out of the way first and foremost:  
Microsoft’s booth is in the Central Hall – booth #7244. We’re right in front of Intel, next door to Motorola, Dolby, and Mitsubishi. 

Follow the RED LINE on the map:


Things to do:

    You may want to try to see the Microsoft Keynote on Monday at 6:30PM but be aware: There are 1000’s of people that wait in line and they start waiting up to 6 hours ahead of time so it’s a challenge.  If you’re not in the first 5000 or so, you may have to go to an overflow room where the keynote is broadcast live on a large projection TV.
    In the Central Hall, there are these shelves just inside the entrance. These are “Best of CES” nominees or Innovations award winners. Basically, if you can’t cruise the whole convention floor, this is a good way to skim through the hot items.
    A good summary of what is being displayed is available at this URL below.  Otherwise here’s my opinions: 


      • Central Hall
        This is likely the hall you want to concentrate on if you’re in IT as many of the big names are there in computing: Intel, Motorola, Microsoft, Sony, Toshiba, Samsung, etc.
        It is also where the biggest Consumer Electronics folks have their booths: Some of the largest names lurk here in monstrous booth spaces, including: LG, JVC, Samsung, Panasonic, Audiovox, Sharp, Casio, Nikon, Fuji, Hitachi, Monster, Poloroid, etc.
        …this is the fun hall.  All the big players live in Central.  I spend 2 days here usually to really cover everything and get the experience.
      • South Hall 1, 2
        This is a lonnnnnng hall (affectionately referred to as the “cruise ship”
        by some) where they have home automation & home theatre technologies. Leviton, Zigbee partners, & Philips are usually present here along with Altec Lansing, Lexar, Sandisk, Ritek, Netgear, Magellan, TomTom, Synaptics, etc.
        …honestly, this isn’t really my ball of wax. It’s mostly smaller booths focused on flash memory or home stuff which I’m not really into. I spend usually 1/2 a day here.
      • South Hall 3, 4
        This is the top half of the “cruise ship”, (it’s a lonnnnnnng hall that’s kind of like a cruise ship) where a few major wireless/cellular companies are. RIM, Verizon, & Nokia. They also have some major accessories & PC equipment manufacturers here including NVidia, Kodak, Fujitsu, Powermat, Viewsonic, PCD, Plantronics, NAVTEQ, 3M, Garmin, Belkin, Diamond, and a few others.
        …but the rear of this hall is also known as the “International Zone”; the back 1/3rd is entirely populated with International manufacturers & you’ll find that speaking a second language here is almost a pre-req. I spend a 1 day here because of all the wireless.
      • North Hall
        It’s interesting if you’re into cars, car accessories or car audio equipment. JVC, Ford, OnStar, Kia, Kenwood, Audi, Pioneer, Cerwin Vega, etc.
        It features “Mommy Tech” – a small area featuring technology for parents – something that I’ve looked at over the past couple years. Things like GPS’s for kids, how-to-block-texting-while-driving, etc. There’s also a small area for technology for senior citizens, which is quite illuminating.
        Half the pavillion is populated usually by little mobile accessory companies – folks that sell batteries, holsters, clips, screen protectors, stuff like that.
        …I spend no more than 2 hours here usually… mostly on Mommy Tech.  I have a ‘guy’ that worries about car audio for me so that I don’t have to. [grin]
      • Central Plaza
        Also known as the parking lot. This is the area directly outside of the halls – it’s across from registration and where the busses are at. There’s only one reason in my mind to go there and that’s LENOVO. I think this is their only presence and it’s in a tent. Albeit it’s a pretty big presence. Weird how they chose the Plaza though.
        …I’ll spend no more than an hour out here on my way to lunch to pay my respects to Lenovo and see what they’re showcasing.
      • Venetian or Hilton
        Frankly, I rarely go to either location. Hilton is entirely International resellers looking for US partners – and I am not a US partner. Most of the time, the booth presences at the Venetian are designed more for deal making and one-on-one discussions – not so much for independent discovery.
        …no love here.


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