Posted by: kurtsh | December 26, 2011

HUMOR: Microsoft product placement! Woohoo!


[this was originally supposed to post to my other blog but I accidentally posted it here & decided to leave it]

I just found a few pictures I took a couple years ago in 2009.  It’s a shot of my big screen TV when a show called CSI:NY was on I believe. 

If you look really carefully at the shot, you can see the two actors talking in basically a detective’s office.  If you’ve seen CSI, you know what the show’s about.

The thing that caught my eye – like any other good geek – was the book on the table.  I looked the table and said, “Whhhaaaa?”  and immediately whipped out the camera phone.  (At the time, a Samsung i760 Windows Phone)

This is what I saw:


The quick explanation for those of you not familiar with some of Microsoft’s more ancient products:  This is Visual Interdev.  The product was produced in 1997 and was phased out around 2000.  The book I suppose was a prop that they just through onto the table… in 2009.

Nice to see Que’s books on Interdev are still in good rotation!


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