Posted by: kurtsh | December 20, 2011

INFO: “Mishra Reader” – a FREE Metro-styled WPF-based RSS reader for Windows

imageI’ve historically used FeedDemon, an old RSS reader from the stone ages for Windows that does a good job but is generally a little resource heavy.

Today, I discovered this really cool RSS Reader for Windows desktops:  “Mishra Reader” – a Free Metro-styled WPF RSS reader for Windows.

It has several benefits and a couple drawbacks:

  • The “Metro” interface is smooth as glass.  The Windows Presentation Foundation experience is really awesome and well done.  It feels cooooool to use.  I hope they make the jumpt to HTML5/Javascript in Windows 8!
  • The application is really easy on the eyes in terms of reading.  It’s not hard to consume the text.
  • There are SysTray notifications that show up in the taskbar when you get new feeds in.
  • It REQUIRES Google Reader accounts and can’t just consume OPML files.  I don’t understand why people write software that mandates that you use a web service when OPML works just fine.  Silly.
  • Free!

Give it a try.  I think this may be my newly adopted news reader!

(Incidentally, it’s co-developed by David Catuhe, a Microsoft employee that blogs at


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