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NEWS: “Sprint Calls on Microsoft Lync, Saves Big with UC”–Dec 6, 2011

imageSprint weathered the challenges and reaped the rewards of killing off PBX systems and moving to a unified communications suite with Microsoft Lync.  The cost savings they’ve calculated are nothing less than spectacular, and they reflect the same sort of cost savings that Microsoft has seen in moving to a Lync-based Unified Communications solution for voice, video, and data communications/conferencing.

NET NET:  Sprint displaced their Nortel PBX for 40,000 users & are now evaluating Office 365’s Lync Online for Cloud-based access to Lync services. 

Taken from the article:

  • Moving from TDM (Time-Division Multiplexing) circuits to a SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) architecture to enable VoIP for 450 Sprint sites: $6.7 million in savings.
  • Eliminating bi-annual PBX upgrade costs: $2.5 million in savings.
  • Web conferencing costs _ Moved from a third-party conferencing provider to Lync Live Meeting: $300,000 a month.
  • "Green" savings from eliminating the need to power and cool legacy PBX equipment: $700,000 annually.
  • Real estate savings from the reduction in rented square footage (1.5 million square feet and counting): $30 million annually.

Read the entire article at CIO magazine:


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