Posted by: kurtsh | November 21, 2011

REPORT: Information Week – “Bing Beats Google On Search Effectiveness”

Information Week did a study of the effectiveness of search engines and look at what turned up?

imageBing Beats Google On Search Effectiveness

Microsoft’s "decision engine" more likely to lead users to a Web page than searches through rival Google, study finds.

By Paul McDougallInformationWeek
August 12, 2011 10:57 AM

While Google may control the lion’s share of the search market, queries made through Microsoft’s Bing search engine lead users to click on a Web page at a significantly higher rate than queries made through Google, according to data released Thursday.

The success rate for Bing searches in the U.S. in July was 80.04%, compared to 67.56% for Google, according to Experian Hitwise. The market watcher defines "success rate" as the percentage of search queries that result in a visit to a website. Searches made through sites owned by Yahoo, which farmed out search to Bing under a deal struck in 2009, were also more efficient than Google. Those searches yielded a success rate of 81.36%.

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