Posted by: kurtsh | November 21, 2011

NEWS: “Is Tag the Solution for QR Malware?”

imageRecently malicious QR codes made headlines after being uncovered on a Russian website. The codes were placed on the site telling people they led to an instant messenger app that users should download to their phone. If users downloaded the malware they thought was the messenger app, it then began sending messages to a premium subscriber that netted the cybercriminals between $5 and $10 each.

Following this news, the Tag team was asked if Tag was better suited than current QR services in the market for handling this kind of issue. The short answer is yes. Because all Tags are re-routed through the cloud, there is a means of blacklisting codes that are reported as malicious. Since anyone can create QR codes that link directly to a site instead of being routed through the cloud, the ability to blacklist a link and protect against future scams simply isn’t there.

The concern that has been driving discussions regarding malicious codes is a legitimate one and one that Tag takes very seriously. Our platform maintains a backend process with filters and safeguards that help detect and prevent malicious links from infecting Tags. We want our customers to also be aware of the protections Tag has in place to help protect their security.

To learn more about QR malware and what precautions you can take read the full blog post here.


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