Posted by: kurtsh | November 10, 2011

HOWTO: Convert your blog into a Windows Phone 7 app in 15 min without being a developer

MicrosoftParis-WP7App1aDavid Hernie recently posted instructions on how to your blog into a great Windows Phone 7 application without being a developer with the caveat that your blog must have a RSS feed.

Here’s a snippet of his instructions:
(Leeched & reposted in the event his post disappears)

  • Download the windows Phone 7 SDK (Even if you are not a developer) to test your app in the emulator. It’s free :
  • Build your Windows Phone App online No code – couple of clicks – Max 15 min .. -The most complicated part is selecting pictures and finding a good name for your mobile app.
  • Register as developer to the WP7 Marketplace.
  • Submit you app to the certification process, your application will be available worldwide after couple of days.
  • Promote your application to your audience and don’t forget to tweet with the TAG #WP7be

For the full read, go to:


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