Posted by: kurtsh | November 7, 2011

INFO: Microsoft Software Assurance Home Use Program Digital Bulk Order

imageAre you familiar with the Microsoft Software Assurance Home Use Program?

Probably.  Customers with Microsoft Office on Software Assurance (also known in some circles as ‘license maintenance’) have a benefit called the Home Use Program that allows corporate employees covered by the Microsoft licensing agreement to purchase 1 home copy of Office Professional Plus 2010 for $9.95.  This includes the activation key and the software as a download.

imageWhat is HUP with Digital Bulk Order?
The Home Use Program Digital Bulk Order allows Software Assurance benefit administrators to purchase multiple copies of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 in bulk for their employees to use on home PCs. 

Instead of employees individually purchasing and downloading the software/activation key for $9.95, they can get the software and the key from their corporate administrator of the benefit if the company ‘fronts the $9.95/copy bill’.

This is useful if your organization wants to buy and gift the Office HUP software for the holidays for example as a benefit of working at the company.

What do you need to do:

  • Tell your users about the option to buy Office Professional Plus 2010 at $9.95 per employee, if you have Software Assurance and the HUP benefit.
  • Contact me for details on marketing materials, posters, emails and more if you are a customer of mine.
  • Contact me for details on how to sign up for the Digital Bulk Order program if you are a customer of mine.


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