Posted by: kurtsh | November 4, 2011

RELEASE: Lync Server 2010 Resource Kit

imageThe Lync Server 2010 Resource Kit is the technical reference for the product. This book extends the product planning, deploying, and managing documentation in the Lync Technical Library. This book serves as a companion to the product documentation to learn how the product works under the hood.

The following chapters are available as separate Word documents.

  • Chapter_01_Address_Book_Service.doc
  • Chapter_02_Archiving_and_Monitoring.doc
  • Chapter_03_Client_Administration.doc
  • Chapter_04_Conferencing_and_Collaboration.doc
  • Chapter_05_Direct_SIP
  • Chapter_06_Enhanced_Presence.doc
  • Chapter_07_Enterprise_Voice.doc
  • Chapter_08_Exchange_UM_Integration.doc
  • Chapter_09_External_User_Access.doc
  • Chapter_10_Instant_Messaging.doc
  • Chapter_11_Interoperability_with_Asterisk_and_Skype.doc
  • Chapter_12_Interoperability_with_XMPP_Systems_Using_the_XMPP_Gateway.doc
  • Chapter_13_New_Features_Overview.doc
  • Chapter_14_Response_Group_Application.doc
  • Chapter_15_Server_Administration.doc
  • Chapter_16_SharePoint_Integration.doc
  • Chapter_17_Technical_Overview.doc
  • Chapter_18_Troubleshooting_Basics.doc
  • Chapter_19_Troubleshooting_Specific_Workloads.doc

These chapters are also available together in a .zip file.
The Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Resource Kit book is currently being developed. Chapters will be available for download while this book is being completed. For information about the continuing release of chapters, check DrRez.


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