Posted by: kurtsh | October 28, 2011

DOWNLOAD: MSDN Forum Assistant, TechNet Forum Assistant (Windows Gadget)

imageNow this is interesting & something I DIDN’T know… props to for discovering this little ditty.

MSDN Forum Assistant and TechNet Forum Assistant offer a convenient way for the forum users to read the forum recent threads and your own threads, it also make it easy to create new threads and search in the forum.

…and that’s it.  That’s all they say about the gadget.

Well, I’ve got it installed and this is what I have to say about it:

    The tool allows you to select you favorite forums to ask questions in.  It also allows you to set the frequency of checking the forums for updates on threads.
  2. imageASK A QUESTION
    You can ask a question in any of the forums that you select as favorites.  This list is presented to you to easily allow you to jump to that forum’s “Ask A Question” page and enter your question in under your Windows Live Account.
    The most frequently asked questions in the forums are listed in special pages.  There are links to all of these FAQ pages for each product that has them listed conveniently in the tool.
    This is the BINGO.  All the Priority Support forums are listed directly from the gadget.  This allows anyone with a TechNet Subscription to ask questions in these private forums and receive a response within 2 business days.  An explanation of this TechNet benefit is located here:

For customers that have Software Assurance benefits, this tool could be huge due to it’s ease of use.  If an IT person doesn’t have direct access to the company’s Premier Support agreement, this is a great avenue to ask general questions about key products without incurring any charges against the company’s support contract.

DOWNLOAD:  MSDN Forum Assistant, TechNet Forum Assistant


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