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BETA: System Center Orchestrator 2012 Release Candidate


Remember Opalis Integration Server?  The lone “Java” product in Microsoft’s management family?  It’s about to be come a distant memory because the .NET version is about to be released as an official System Center product… Integration Packs and all!

The System Center Orchestrator 2012 Release Candidate provides the capability of automation of workflows (Runbooks) across other System Center and 3rd party products. These runbooks are created in the Runbook Designer, deployed via the Deployment manager and run and monitored locally or remotely via the Orchestrator Console.
Feature Summary:
As part of the release candidate we have delivered the following features:

  • Install Experience
    • Improved prerequisite checks
    • Implementation of Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP), error reporting and interface with Microsoft Update
    • Allow user to log on as a service and select different service accounts for each service
    • Design Improvements( Error handling, port # for DB, increased logging, enabling log on as a service automatically)
    • UI Consistency between other System Center components
    • Time bomb(easy conversion from EVAL to licensed SKU)
  • Security improvements
    • Encryption of DB connection
    • Encryption/decryption of passwords
  • Globalization
    • Unicode capable
    • Convert SSH to Unicode
  • Web service
    • Versioning
  • Orchestration Console
    • Browse events
    • View events
    • UI Updates
  • Bug fixes across all product features

The System Center Orchestrator 2012 Integration Toolkit contains wizard-based utilities for creating new activities and integration packs for System Center Orchestrator 2012. It also allows developers utilizing the Orchestrator SDK to create new custom integration packs for System Center Orchestrator 2012.
Feature Bullet Summary:
Orchestrator Integration Toolkit

  • Rebranding, security enhancements, new generic activity icons
  • Wizards can upgrade 6.3 activities and IPs to be compatible with Orchestrator
  • Fixes issues with upgrading IPs multiple times
  • Fixes issues with DLL / dependent file conflicts among different IPs

The System Center Orchestrator 2012 Release Candidate Integration Packs provides the capability to interface and control other existing System Center products through custom activities which are used to create runbooks.
System Center products supported:

  • System Center 2007 Operations Manager
  • System Center 2010 Service Manager
  • System Center 2008 Virtual Machine Manager
  • System Center 2010 Data Protection Manager
  • System Center 2007 Configuration Manager

DOWNLOAD: System Center Orchestrator 2012 Release Candidate

LINK:  User Guide for System Center Orchestrator 2012 Release Candidate


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