Posted by: kurtsh | September 25, 2011

NEWS: FLAWLESS VICTORY! Microsoft wins undefeated in Starcraft 2 “After Hours Gaming League”

I forgot to write a post about this but I’m so proud of our team, I’m gonna do it way, way late.  Pffffht.


Microsoft competed in the “After Hours Gaming League”, a Starcraft 2 competition for charity featuring competitors from some of the biggest names in the tech industry, including:

The final results?

1 Microsoft 7 0
2 Google 5 2
3 Zynga 5 2
4 Amazon 5 2
5 Twitter 3 4
6 Dropbox 2 5
7 Facebook 1 6
8 Yelp 0 7


Yup.  A perfect record – beating Google, Amazon, Facebook, and most importantly Zynga in the tournament finals. 

In recognition of Microsoft’s win, $5000 was donated to their charity.  Congratulations to Amnesty International & the Microsoft Starcraft 2 team on your FLAWLESS VICTORY.

  • LINK: Long Zheng’s post on Microsoft’s Undefeated Win in the After Hours Gaming League on


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