Posted by: kurtsh | August 16, 2011

HOWTO: View a SharePoint 2010 document library in Windows Explorer

This is a little hard to find.  Personally, I use Colligo Contributor against our SharePoint infrastructure here at Microsoft to manage files online/offline so I rarely have to do this sort of web-based file access.  (But that’s another topic entirely)

Today, I had to access a SharePoint doc repository and pull a bunch of files off of a folder hierarchy that was deep within a single SharePoint site.  If you’re in SharePoint 2010 (either Server or Foundation) and found it difficult to get the ol’ “Explorer View”… that’s because it doesn’t exist any more.  The product group took it out between 2007 and 2010.  GRRR.

Having some sort of Explorer view s important for obvious reasons:

  • Multi-select documents using rubber banding
  • Drag & drop files to-and-from from your desktop (again, ca
  • Right mouse click a file for “Properties”
  • Preview documents in Explorer pane

In order to get a similar “Explorer View” to access the files in the SharePoint document repositories in your sites, you need to:

  1. Go to the site’s document repository (See below)
  2. Click on ‘Library’
  3. Click “Open in Explorer” to the far right. 
    It may be hidden so expand the browser window to reveal it



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