Posted by: kurtsh | July 13, 2011

RELEASE: Windows Thin PC (for Software Assurance customers)

imageWindows Thin PC is now generally available to our Software Assurance customers for download from the Microsoft Volume Licensing site.

Taken from the Windows Team Blog announcement:

As VDI deployments continue to grow, customers told us they needed an easy way to repurpose their existing PCs as thin clients, leading to the evolution of Windows Thin PC. Windows Thin PC helps reduce the cost of VDI at the endpoint, enabling IT with an enterprise ready platform to provide end users with an excellent thin client experience through the many unique features offered on their repurposed PCs. Some of these features include:

  • RemoteFX support, which ensures that users have a local-like virtual desktop experience.
  • Write Filters that improve security by preventing any writes to the deck.
  • BitLocker and AppLocker features that help strengthen the device for enterprises.
  • FEP support, which makes it possible to use a common set of malware protection tools for your desktops and thin clients.

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For more detail on what is in Windows Thin PC’s RTM release, visit:


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