Posted by: kurtsh | June 27, 2011

INFO: A word about the Software Assurance Home Use Program

imageSomething I learned today about the “Home Use Program” that customers with Software Assurance have:

If a company decides to discontinue Software Assurance on their agreement, all HUP licenses will need to be uninstalled from end user home desktops as HUP is an SA benefit and it expires with the SA Benefits expiration.

This is from the Product List posted on

Customers are not responsible for their individual employee’s compliance with the Home Use Program end user license terms.  Those terms are between Microsoft and the customer’s employee and do vary from the rights provided under the customers Volume Licenses (e.g. the employee may install only one copy of the HUP software). We do require that customers limit the Home Use Program access to employees and inform employees of when they should discontinue use of the Home Use Program software in conjunction with a lapse in Software Assurance coverage or employment termination.


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