Posted by: kurtsh | June 21, 2011

INFO: “How to find/search for a specific folder in Outlook"

I asked my coworker, Michael Ghekiere, the question, “How can I find a specific folder in Outlook?” and this is what he gave me as a solution.  Pretty cool out of the box thinking.

I have a massive folder hierarchy within Outlook/Exchange and I’d accidentally dragged and dropped a folder from somewhere in the hierarchy to somewhere else and I couldn’t figure out where the folder got placed in my Mailbox hierarchy.  Surely you’ve had the same issue where you accidentally “lost a folder” somewhere when your drag and drop failed.

imageIt turns out that Outlook’s search will not work for “folder names” but it will work for mail items.  If you know the content of at least ONE mail message that exists in the folder that you lost, then you can search for that email WITHIN OUTLOOK and it will tell you in the mail object’s properties what folder the email is, but it won’t tell you how to get to that folder from within the hierarchy.

So this is the solution that Michael Ghekiere came up with.  Something to save in the back of your mind.  It involves using Windows Search to find the folder instead of using Outlook’s search:

  1. Try the search from Windows 7’s search pane.  Search in the START menu for a message you know is in the folder you lost.
  2. Right-click on the message, click “Show Conversation”
  3. Browser window appears. Select the message in the window.
  4. In the bottom pane of the explorer will be some message properties, including a full folder path. Hover over that path.  There you go!



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