Posted by: kurtsh | May 27, 2011

RELEASE: Microsoft Learning Content Development System 2.7

imageLCDS version 2.7 is now live! The Microsoft Learning Content Development System (LCDS) is a free tool that enables the Microsoft Learning community to create high-quality, interactive, online courses and Microsoft Silverlight Learning Snacks.

The LCDS allows anyone in the Microsoft Learning community to publish e-learning courses and Learning Snacks by completing the easy-to-use LCDS forms that seamlessly generate highly customized content, interactive activities, quizzes, games, assessments, animations, demos, and other multimedia.

With the LCDS, the Microsoft Learning community can:

  • Develop and deliver content quickly, while it is timely and relevant.
  • Deliver web content that conforms to SCORM 1.2, and which can be hosted in a learning management system.
  • Upload or attach existing content. (LCDS supports multiple file formats.)
  • Choose from a wide variety of forms for authoring rich e-learning content and Silverlight-based interactive components.
  • Develop course structure and easily rearrange it at any time.
  • Download sample courses (LCDS must be installed)
  • Develop Learning Snacks on Microsoft SnackBox

DOWNLOAD: Microsoft Learning Content Development System (LCDS)


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