Posted by: kurtsh | May 26, 2011

WEBCAST: “Optimize Windows Server and System Center in Virtualized Environments”

imageAs one of the Core Infrastructure specialists covering Mid-Atlantic, I have repeatedly heard the request for more clarification on how best to license Microsoft Servers and System Center in virtualized environments.
Additionally, we discuss the impact of vMotion, Live Migration, disaster recovery, clustering, etc. and the most cost-effective way to license the datacenter.

Please join our Friday Lunch Series where we will be sharing best practices on how to:

  • Maximize your savings when licensing Windows Server and System Center in virtual environments
  • Simplify and minimize the time you spend on licensing

Our speakers will speakers include:

  • Solution Specialist – Michael Van Cleave
  • Datacenter Specialist Team
    • Luis Botero
    • Dwayne Hall
    • Todd J. Furst



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