Posted by: kurtsh | April 1, 2011

BETA: "Windows Thin PC" Community Technology Preview

The Windows Thin PC Community Technology Preview (Beta) is now live for folks to try. Here’s the announcement from the Windows Team Blog:

Thin is “In” Especially When it Comes to Getting More Life out of Computers that You Already Own

Last month, we blogged about an upcoming community technology preview (CTP) for Windows Thin PC, which is a locked down version of Windows 7 designed to help repurpose existing PCs as thin clients extending the life of existing hardware. As a follow-on to the CTP post I also discussed ways to think about thin clients in your environment when using server based desktops and applications. Throughout MMS, I heard many customers express interest in this technology and ask about the timing of the Windows Thin PC CTP.

As planned, we are happy to announce that the Windows Thin PC public CTP is now available! Although the final release of Windows Thin PC will be provided as a benefit for Software Assurance customers, we heard feedback that you wanted us to broaden the access of the CTP, so we’re pleased to announce that this CTP is public and therefore available for all customers to evaluate. UPDATE: Please note -To download the public CTP of Windows Thin PC you must first register on the Microsoft Connect site homepage.

For those who have been following our updates, this CTP version includes some new features which we had not previously talked about:

1) RemoteFX support for a richer, higher fidelity hosted desktop experience.

2) Support for System Center Configuration Manager, to help deploy and manage WinTPC images.

3) Write filter support helps prevent user and application writes to disk, thereby improving security at the end point

More information and resources can be found on the CTP download site, and as always we encourage you to install the preview and send us feedback via the tools on the Microsoft Connect site.

DOWNLOAD: Windows Thin PC Community Technology Preview


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