Posted by: kurtsh | March 31, 2011

WHITEPAPER: Microsoft Security Update Guide, Second Edition

imageThe Microsoft Security Update Guide is a valuable source of in-depth information and tools that can help you protect your IT infrastructure while creating a safer, more secure computing and Internet environment. We developed this guide to help IT professionals better understand and maximize Microsoft security update release information, processes, communications, and tools.

What’s included? Let us show you.

  • Get to know the security update release process.
    Do you want to get a better understanding of the Microsoft Security Update release process? We’ll give you a complete rundown of the guidance and resources that accompany updates. We’ll also provide a reference guide you can use to develop a customer risk-management framework.
  • See how to mitigate security risks
    When faced with a vulnerability, how do you mitigate the risk? We’ll point you in the right direction.
  • Understand how quickly you need to apply updates
    How quickly should you deploy updates when faced with a security risk? We recommend that you have at least two timelines for handling security updates based on your risk assessment.
  • Assess your update
    How well did your update go? What happens after you’ve deployed an update? What can you do to better manage updates in the future? We’ll show you methods to assess these questions.
  • Get ongoing security
    What can you do to improve security, even when there aren’t any security updates available? How do you stay alert to threats in today’s evolving IT landscape? In this section, we’ll go over how you can get better oversight into your IT systems and how secure they are.

WHITEPAPER:  Microsoft Security Update Guide, Second Edition


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