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BETA: “System Center Advisor” for Software Assurance customers

imageThis week we announced “System Center Advisor”, a cloud service available with any Server on Software Assurance, which assesses the server configuration to enable IT professionals to proactively avoid configuration problems.

Taken from the product page:

Today IT professionals have to spend a great deal of time and effort dealing with problems related to servers that were configured incorrectly. They are often not aware of these issues until they cause performance and availability issues due the time lag from a configuration change, to awareness and exploration of the issue, to final resolution. This costs organizations time and money.

System Center Advisor (formerly Microsoft codename Atlanta) is a cloud service that enables IT professionals to assess their server configuration and proactively avoid problems. With System Center Advisor, support staff are able to resolve issues faster by accessing current and historical configuration data, all with the security features that meet their needs. Additionally, System Center Advisor helps reduce downtime by providing suggestions for improvement, and notifying customers of key updates specific to their configuration.

Proactively avoid problems

  • Increase awareness around the state of server deployment through assessment of configuration, and alerts for configuration-related issues.
  • Resolve issues before they become critical through ongoing assessments of the server environment for undetected configuration issues.
  • Assess and understand server configurations from virtually anywhere from a cloud service with security features that meet customer needs.

Resolve issues faster

  • Decrease time to resolve issues by easily viewing configuration changes over time with historical data.
  • Decrease time to resolve issues with the ability to share server configuration data with internal support staff or Microsoft Customer Support Services.
  • Accelerate problem solving with instant access to step by step guidance , self-help information and community forums related to identified issues.

Help reduce downtime and improve performance

  • Increase performance and availability of servers by understanding configuration state and receiving suggestions for improvement to help ensure availability.
  • Help reduce server downtime by getting notifications for key updates specific to the configuration of the server environment.
  • Increase collaboration between IT professionals through centralized data of an organization’s deployment configurations.

REGISTRATION & FAQ:  System Center Advisor


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