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BETA: Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring

imageBitLocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM) is a BitLocker management solution that will enable IT to more easily deploy and manage BitLocker volume encryption technology across the enterprise. Using MBAM:

  • IT can automate the process of encrypting volumes on client machines across enterprise
  • Helpdesk can reduce the time required for BitLocker PIN and Recovery Key information
  • Security officers can quickly produce reliable evidence that indicates the compliance state of individual computers or even the enterprise itself.
  • Security Officers can easily audit access to Recover Key information.
  • Windows Enterprise users are empowered to continue working anywhere knowing their corporate data is protected.

With the release of the beta, there are 4 downloads:

  • MBAM (Malta) Beta Build and Documentation
    The MBAM (Malta) Build and Documentation package contains all of the files for the Beta release. The package includes:
      • Release Notes
      • Deployment Guide
      • Planning, Deployment, and Operations Guide
      • MBAM Server (64-Bit)
      • MBAM Client (64-Bit/32-Bit)
  • MBAM (Malta) Beta Release Notes
    The Release Notes contain important information about the MBAM (Malta) Beta. Please review them carefully before attempting to install the MBAM (Malta) Beta Server and Client components.
  • MBAM (Malta) Beta Customer Scenario Guide
    The Customer Scenario Guide contains step by step procedures that will help you successfully evaluate and test your MBAM (Malta) Beta deployment.
  • MBAM (Malta) Beta Planning, Deployment, and Operations Guide
    The Planning, Deployment, and Operations Guide includes information that will help you successfully plan, deploy, and operate MBAM (Malta). Please carefully review and follow the deployment procedures when installing the MBAM (Malta) Server and Client components.

BETA:  Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring


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