Posted by: kurtsh | February 16, 2011

NEWS: Virus Bulletin reports that Microsoft protects better than Symantec & McAfee… yet again.

Wow.  Was there ever an easier & more confident way to slash annual Enterprise licensing costs than to switch to Microsoft Forefront Protection Suite?

The industry authority on malware threats, “Virus Bulletin” has released their latest comparative analysis of the performance & accuracy of anti-malware engines on the market.

For nearly two years now, Microsoft’s Anti-Malware engine has outperformed both Symantec & McAfee in “reactive/wild list” & “proactive/new threat detection” in Virus Bulletin’s 3rd party evaluation… and it’s done so by a long shot.  Doing a full 15-20% better on both test types, Microsoft’s Anti-Malware engine (the technology in Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010) has demonstrated malware protection head & shoulders above either vendor.  (See below for relative scores.)

After two years of underperforming to the Microsoft Forefront Suite against the most active & dangerous threats out there, one really has to ask the question: 

“Is all that marketing that the other guys sell security groups on worth the hefty cash these licensing contracts demand?”


The above is a snapshot of one part of the report.  For the full report, check out the Virus Bulletin web site below.


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