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EVENT: Cloud Intelligence Technology Conference–Anaheim, March 15th

imageQuickStart Intelligence is hosting their 6th Regional Intelligence Technology Conference coming up on March 15, 2011 at the Anaheim Convention Center. 

You might have seen their past conferences on SharePoint and Windows, but the topic of the upcoming conference is all about the Cloud – Cloud Intelligence Technology Conference!

This conferences is designed for the IT Manager, Director, VP, CIO/CTO level person to get a high level overview of what “Cloud” is all about so you can start making high level decisions on how to implement a Cloud strategy in your organization.  The level of presentation at this event is 100-200 level, so you can get a good grasp of what Microsoft’s different offerings are without getting too technical. You will also be able to meet several partners in the local area that can help you plan and implement a cloud strategy.

The presenters at the event are comprised of Microsoft Executives, Microsoft Partners, MVPs and Trainers.  The sessions at the event they will be covering include:

Session 1 –

  • Cloud Overview – Office 365 Overview
  • Preparing for the Cloud – Designing a Cloud Architecture
  • SAAS – CRM Online
  • PAAS – Windows Azure
  • Private Cloud – Hyper-V

Session 2 –

  • Cloud Overview – Platform as a Service
  • Preparing for the Cloud – Cloud Security
  • SAAS – SharePoint 2010 Online
  • PAAS – SQL Azure
  • Private Cloud – Citrix

Session 3 –

  • Cloud Overview – Private Cloud
  • Preparing for the Cloud – When Should You Migrate?
  • SAAS – Exchange 2010 Online
  • PAAS – App-Fabric
  • Private Cloud – Management with System Center

Session 4 –

  • Cloud Overview – Cloud Management
  • Preparing for the Cloud – Migration Strategies
  • SAAS – Lync 2010 Online
  • PAAS – Developer Experience
  • Private Cloud –App-V

For more details on the agenda, please visit the Cloud Intelligence website.

Use the code MSKURT299 and you’ll get into the event for only $299!


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